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"Cold Storage Garlic Continues to Occupy the Low-End Market in Southeast Asia, New Garlic Has Entered South America"


Shandong Jinxiang Garlic has entered the garlic digging season, and the new garlic is currently in the drying stage. At present, the first batch of new garlic has been exported in mid-May. Regarding the harvest of this season and the recent export market, Mr. Du concluded .

Our company's core export markets include Southeast Asia, South Asia, America and the Middle East and Africa. When talking about the impact of the public crisis on the company ’s exports, Du said, “Compared with South Asia and Southeast Asia, these markets are less affected by the public crisis. Although affected by the public crisis, many ports in many countries have closed, leading to Customer pick-up speed is not as fast as usual, but it is reflected in the order. Our export volume has increased by more than 30% compared with the previous year. "

"In 2020, the garlic planting area will increase by about 20% compared with the previous season, and the quality of garlic will be better than in previous years. The yield per mu will increase by about 10% over last year. At present, the purchase price of half-dried space garlic in Jinxiang is 1.5 yuan / kg About, much lower than the same period garlic price 2019. "Manager Du said.

"At present, we are still exporting a large amount of cold storage garlic to Southeast Asia and South Asia. The export China Garlic Price is about 500 US dollars / ton. Some South American importers have begun to purchase new garlic, but because the new garlic is not dry enough, it is still in the drying period. We expect to start shipping at the end of May. ”Manager Du said,“ Garlic is a must-have condiment. Foreign supermarkets have increased demand from previous years due to the impact of the public crisis. In addition to the good quality and low prices of fresh garlic this season, export The volume will be better than last year. On this basis, we understand that the output of garlic in South America is not as good as in previous years, and the garlic in Brazil and Argentina has basically entered the end of the sales season, so I expect the demand in the South American market to remain high this season.

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