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Lanling: The 2nd Garlic Festival Was Successfully Held


On the morning of June 2, the second China Lanling (Cangshan) Online Garlic Festival was successfully held in the Cangshan Garlic Origin Planting Area. The theme of this garlic festival is "Garlic Farmer, Garlic Township, Garlic Industry, Interconnection, Mutual Trust, and Mutual Development", highlighting the brand promotion of "Cangshan Garlic", cultivating the scientific cultivation concept of garlic agronomy, and expanding the garlic market.
At the 2nd China Lanling (Cangshan) Online Garlic Festival, party members and experts wore party emblems uniformly, and held discussions and exchanges on key technical difficulties and directions for the industrial development of Cangshan garlic before, during, and after delivery, key technical bottlenecks, and brand building. Actively provide technical guidance services to inject scientific and technological energy into the development of the garlic industry.
Afterwards, the experts went to the garlic harvest site to analyze the cause of "bread garlic", guide the field production, and focused on the development of the garlic industry and the village collective leader to explain how to build a brand, take the road of standardized production, and develop the cooperative economy, thereby further increasing the village collective income and promoting the development of rural revitalization.
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