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"This Exciting Onion Market Situation Is Not Often Seen"


Jan Preiss of Germany said the season for importing potatoes until mid February, but people are already looking forward to next year. "Until then, there will be only a small number of transactions in the Christmas business in Cyprus."

Preis said potato imports for retail trade in Europe usually start in mid February, mainly from Egypt, some from Morocco, followed by Israel at the end of March and Spain, a famous supplier at the beginning of May. "Our potato harvest in Europe is at an average level in 2019, so the demand for imported goods is likely to decrease in 2020. The high temperature, drought and very low harvest in 2018 led to a special situation in the European potato market in the first half of 2019. "

The import sector remained optimistic as isolated weather problems reappeared this year: "we are not yet able to assess the quality of domestic harvest storage."

The rest is not yet estimable, Preiss said: "retail makes a lot of decisions spontaneously, so we cannot reach an agreement on quantity. We can adapt ourselves to our daily needs. As a result, we are preparing to give us the preconditions to offer a wide range of offers so that all enquiries can be satisfied. "

Market uncertainty repeats every year, except for the 2019 import year: "obviously, there are too few products in Europe that need to be imported. But we always have certain expectations for regular customers, so we hope that their needs are close to the size of the plan. ".

Onions exported to Asia
"At present, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have a large demand for European onions. These countries have traditionally used Indian products to meet their onion needs, but now India has imposed export restrictions to ensure that the domestic Garlic Price can be reduced. As a result, these countries are in great demand for goods from Egypt and the Holland, "such an exciting market situation is not common."

The dealer said China Garlic Prices rose rapidly because of the scarcity of alternatives and the relatively large demand. "The total cost of logistics to India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka is of course particularly high, so it is questionable how long these countries will be able to pay high prices. Until of course,until then,it was good for European exporters. "

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