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Market Situation of Garlic in the Epidemic


Recently, the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia has caused widespread concern in the whole society. At the same time, major media platforms, WeChat groups, circle of friends and tik tok. Authoritative experts on the epidemic group public suggested videos and articles such as garlic and ginger will inevitably stimulate domestic consumption of garlic to a certain extent.

As a result, the market for garlic showed an upward trend, and the prices of various categories of garlic rose differently.

In contrast, large-scale garlic prices have increased significantly, especially Pizhou net garlic is more popular in the market.

In just three or five days of Pizhou net garlic, the mainstream transaction price increased by 5.6 cents per jin. Jinxiang raw skin garlic showed a rising trend.

According to the current epidemic situation, combined with the terminal market environment, considering the actual market situation of the origin, according to the garlic market outlook, whether it is a blessing or a disaster depends on the development of the epidemic. If the development of the epidemic situation slows down, it will help the domestic market demand to circulate, and the purchasing power of the public will continue to increase. It will still be very good for large-sized garlic. Due to the restrictions on reprocessing, it seems that for a period of time, the medium and small garlic for export will be limited. Affected by the epidemic, the frequency of citizens going out is reduced, and purchases are expected to have periodic demand. From this point of view, in addition to the replenishment just after the market holiday. The demand for garlic is difficult to show continuity, and the terminal market will inevitably have intermittent or periodic demand. Therefore, the China Garlic Price may rise in the future, and it will be stable and slightly adjusted.

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