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Key Points of Straw-Covered Winter Garlic Cultivation Techniques


The straw-covered winter garlic cultivation technology is based on the growth characteristics of garlic that is humid and not waterlogged. It takes advantage of winter light temperature and soil conditions to cover the straw after planting garlic, which improves the environmental conditions of the soil surface layer and the microclimate of the park. Water evaporation and fertilizer loss, inhibit weed growth, create a suitable field condition for garlic, promote garlic root growth and nutrient absorption, thereby increasing garlic yield.
1. Land selection. Select sandy loam soil or tidal sandy paddy field with convenient drainage and irrigation and fertility, and use it as late rice. Arid sandy soil and low-lying and flood-prone fields are not suitable for garlic. Neutral and slightly alkaline soil is conducive to garlic growth.
2, prepare the ground, apply enough fertilizer. After the late rice is harvested, the original crop is deep plowed and harrowed to make the soil finely crushed and flattened, and organic soil fertilizer, peanut bran, superphosphate, and plant ash are applied per acre. After application, it is raked and then hoeed.
3. Select seeding. Select high-yield varieties suitable for local planting, scoop up the original garlic, remove the clove of garlic cloves, remove the diseased petals, and dress the seeds with a new high-fat film. Before planting, open a seeding trench with a depth of 3-4 cm to control the row spacing of the plants reasonably. Winter planting garlic strives for early planting, generally sowing around the "frost drop", after sowing, covering the soil to cover the ridge.
4, cover the straw after chemical weeding. About three days after sowing, weeds were sprayed with herbicides to spray chemically on the surface of each acre for chemical weeding, then covered with straw, and the surface of the surface was evenly covered with dry straw.
5, do a good job of fertilizer and water management. When the garlic grows to 3-4 leaves, apply compound fertilizer; to 9-10 leaves, apply urea and potassium chloride to the acres to meet the needs of the vigorous growth of the plant, and increase the width of the stem disk to make the bud Grow into garlic cloves as soon as possible, and irrigate in time after each fertilization. During the growth of garlic, the soil layer in the field should be kept moist. In case of drought, the water should be irrigated in time. After the garlic is expanded and shaped, the irrigation should be controlled. Spray the ground fruit sturdy tidal leaf in time to make the underground fruit nutrient transport duct thicker, increase the swelling vitality of the ground fruit, smooth fruit surface, strong fruit type, high quality and high yield.
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