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How to Harvest, Dry And Arrange Garlic?


Harvest time of garlic
The garlic should be harvested in time. The garlic bulbs are harvested when the total buds are enlarged and bent downward. The garlic harvest is generally 20-25 days after the garlic harvest. When the leaves are withered and the pseudostems are soft but not brittle, the harvest time is right.

About 20 days after picking, when the garlic leaves turn gray-green, the bottom leaves wither, and the pseudostems are soft and full, they should be harvested in time. Premature harvest, garlic is tender and hydrated, tissues are not full, full, and easy to dry after storage; late harvest, garlic is easy to loose, garlic cloves are easy to fall off when the garlic is pulled out, and lose commodity value. When harvesting garlic, apply hard digging and pull out directly by hand. After picking up the garlic, it is transported to the field, and the garlic leaves in the latter row are placed on the head of the previous row. After turning frequently for 2-3 days, the stems and leaves can be stored after drying. During the drying process, you should prevent rain and pay attention to moisture and heat, so as not to darken the garlic skin.

After the garlic matures, the outer scales gradually form a dry film, which prevents the internal moisture from evaporating. The dormant period of garlic is usually 2-3 months. Low temperature and humidity are conducive to the dormant period of garlic and storage. The most suitable storage temperature of garlic head is about 0 ℃, and it will germinate when the storage temperature is higher than 5 ℃. Prompt harvesting is also important for storage. Premature harvesting, the nutrients in the leaves have not been completely transferred to the bulbs, the bulbs are not full, the water content is high, and they are not storage-resistant: the harvest is too late, and the dry leaf sheaths should not be flapped. In the rainy areas of the Yangtze River, many In rainy weather, the garlic is easy to rot, and the skin of the garlic is easy to turn black. The garlic is cracked, which is not good for storage. Storage requirements of garlic: garlic has entered a natural dormancy period when harvested, and will not germinate even if the environmental conditions are suitable, but it should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment to prevent mildew and rot. After the dormancy period of garlic, it will germinate, and it will consume nutrients when it germinates. It will soften the meat, reduce the water content, and dry the garlic cloves, resulting in a decline in the Garlic Price.China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.

Measures for safe storage of garlic

For the safe storage of garlic, the following measures can be taken:

(1) The optimal dose of y-ray for prolonging the storage period of fresh garlic by radiation treatment is 8000-10000 rad, and the storage period is 4-6 months. If the temperature and humidity are well controlled, in addition to inhibiting germination, radiation treatment can also kill insect eggs and germs, and can be stored fresh for 5 to 10 months.

(2) Modified cold storage Put garlic in 80cm × 110cm plastic bags or cartons, each bag is 25kg, the bag is tied with daily line, and it should be stored on a cold storage shelf or in a plastic tent. Oxygen reduction method. The gas composition is 3% to 4% of oxygen and 5% to 6% of carbon dioxide. Regularly open the mouth of the bag to let out moisture to prevent mildew. This method can be stored for 7-8 months.

(3) Cold storage method Put garlic in a wooden box, vegetable basket, or plastic box, and move it to a cold storage room. The storage temperature is controlled at 0 ± 1 ℃, and the relative air temperature is 70% -75%. It can be stored until April of the following year.

After the garlic is dried, leave 2 to 3 cm of fake stems, pile them on storage shelves, or place them in wooden boxes, vegetable baskets, plastic boxes, and pile them in a ventilated store, as long as they are kept ventilated, cool, low temperature, Dry, you can get better storage effect.

The common storage methods of scallop garlic include hanging storage, shelf storage, cellar storage, and bran burial. You can choose a suitable storage method according to different conditions. At present, garlic farmers in garlic production areas use hanging and racking methods more. The hanging method is generally non-perishable, good quality, simple and easy to use. After the garlic is harvested, spread out in a ventilated and dry place and air dry for 2 to 4 days to promote the garlic and stems to quickly dry and enter the dormant state. Avoid rain during drying. The dried garlic is selected to remove the garlic that is mechanically injured, rotten, and pests, and braided. Placed in temporary pergola, cool room or ventilated storage between summer and autumn. In winter, in order to avoid moisture and freezing, it is best to move to a ventilated storage. You can also string the fake stems of garlic with galvanized iron wire and hang them under the eaves to allow the garlic to air dry naturally. The storage method before the storage method is basically the same as the hanging method. Braid the dried garlic into braids, and set up wooden or bamboo ladders in a ventilated and dry room. There are large intervals on the ladders. Hang the garlic braids on the diaphragm and leave the braids Clearance to facilitate ventilation. In the early period of storage, turn it every 3 to 5 days, and remove the rotten and diseased garlic in time, and pay attention to ventilation and moisture.

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