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Market Heats Up Sharply, Garlic Prices Rise


Today, the market price of garlic has risen strongly. Some storage vendors have increased prices by a large margin. Good sellers are holding more and reluctant to sell, and there are more substandard goods in the market. Good products are relatively tight. Purchasing merchants follow up passively. Jinxiang, Qixian and Pizhou production areas rose by one to two cents.
The market price of garlic in the Jinxiang production area is tough. The supply of goods for sale is decreasing. Sellers continue to increase the price. Some storage companies have increased the price significantly. Buyers are resistant to high prices. The merchants have to follow up passively. The price of garlic is tough. Seeing the rise, some transaction prices were slightly chaotic.
The market price of garlic in Quzhou production area is fast, the supply of goods is normal, the sellers of good goods in the market take a tough stance, and the intention buyers are increasing. The enthusiasm of the speculators to follow up is increased, and the export packaging buyers are more motivated to take the goods. .
The market in Zhongmu production area is relatively hard, sellers are not enthusiastic about shipping, the supply of supply has been reduced, storage vendors are supporting the price and selling mostly, buyers are more motivated to get goods, demand is increasing, market transactions are active, and the price center of gravity is slightly up support.
The market price of garlic in Cangshan production area continues to be stable. The supply of goods for sale is relatively abundant. The sellers have a stable mentality of selling goods. The sellers of good goods insist on asking high prices. There are not many interested buyers and the market is not active. The price has no obvious fluctuations for the time being.
China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. China garlic suppliers operate in good faith. Garlic consumers can buy garlic at ease.

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