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Fall in Export Prices of Garlic


"The garlic market has been very good recently and Garlic Price have been changing. Since last week, China Garlic Price have been rising rapidly until they have stabilized slightly in the past two days. This is caused by the fact that many buyers in the market are purchasing Unwilling to purchase at high prices. At the same time, the inventory of garlic is still large, which will have a certain impact on the market in the next period. In summary, considering the market fluctuations, it is difficult to predict the future. Price movements during the week, "Kevin explained.

"We are still exporting to the European market, but compared with the same period last year, the current sales volume is slightly reduced. The market is now less secure and the risks are greater. We believe that we must be more careful when shipping and keep close contact with buyers To ensure that exports go smoothly. So far we haven't encountered many problems, but as the world epidemic develops further, we need to remain cautious. "

"At this stage, there is still a certain global demand for garlic. In addition to Europe, we also supply garlic to other countries in the world. Because garlic is an important condiment, it is still a necessity for many countries, even if some countries Measures have been taken to close the country, but it does not affect the normal import of goods such as garlic, but the clearance time may be longer than normal. "

"We have resumed production for a long time now and everything is back up and running. We also have a processed product called garlic rice. They are very popular, but in the current situation, the demand for this product has decreased, mainly because of it It is mainly used by restaurants, and most restaurants are closed now, so this also affects the demand for garlic rice. Therefore, recently we have put more energy on fresh garlic, and the market still has a lot of demand for this product, and The quality is still very good now, despite the end of the season. "

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