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Qujing, Yunnan: Busy Harvest of Thousands of Acres of Garlic


In the garlic planting base of thousands of acres in Qujing City, Yunnan Province, garlic seedlings are growing well. More than 30 people were bending over to pull out garlic sprouts, and trucks full of garlic sprouts on the road were ready to go. The busy figures filled the fields.
Since this year, Zhuyuan Town has introduced foreign enterprises to invest more than 10 million yuan to establish a new professional cooperative for farmers, which has concentratedly transferred 1,000 acres of land. In order to improve the yield and quality of garlic, the cooperative introduced the excellent garlic varieties of Yuxi, and also hired 4 scientific and technical personnel to participate in the garlic cultivation and management throughout the process.

I have orders in my hand, so I don't panic. The person in charge said: "This batch of garlic is all operated by order, and the method of planting in stages and batches has effectively extended the sales time of garlic. It has been listed in February and can be sold until the end of May."
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