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South Africa: Garlic Shortage And Ginger Demand Surge


As temperatures in South Africa drop, the most popular agricultural products are lemons, garlic and ginger, and the blockade that should have ended today will continue until the end of the month.

South African garlic producers find it more difficult to profit from the current very high garlic prices-about 88 rand (kg 4.3) per kilogram, partly because it is now the sowing season, and also because many large garlic producers have stopped garlic production, said Corrie Bezuidenhout, chairman of the South African Garlic Growers Association.

"Many of our producers have lost hope after one or two years, because once they are packaged and shipped to the market, sales are not good. In the past two years, some leading producers have left the industry because garlic farming has become unprofitable. This directly leads to the current shortage of garlic. "

He said that the shortage of garlic was due to delays in logistics in Spain and China. China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. China garlic supplier operate in good faith. Garlic consumers can buy garlic at ease.Importing garlic from there to South Africa eroded the market share of domestic garlic producers.

South African garlic harvest will begin again in September.

A fresh produce broker who purchased all the ginger needed locally said a similar surge in demand for ginger, which greatly increased the demand of supermarket customers.

In the market, ginger is scarce. In the field, ginger  root is still very small. Despite the high price, farmers are now reluctant to pull out all their immature roots. The harvest season will begin in June.

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