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Jinxiang: International Garlic Center Has Been Put Into Operation


Recently, the International Garlic Center in Jinxiang County was completed and put into operation. The project has a construction area of the project is more than 30,000 square meters, of which the first floor has a construction area of the first floor is about 13,000 square meters. The center is designed with "Garlic Dance" as the design concept. The six halls are like six "garlic cloves". Seen from the air, the top shape is a garlic cross-section.

“There are three floors in the center. The first floor displays the achievements of Jinxiang’s rural revitalization and development, and uses big data real-time analysis to grasp the garlic market dynamics; the second floor can carry out garlic product inspection and testing, scientific research and development, and vocational farmer training; the third floor is mainly used for hackerspace and administrative office. "Introduced by the Director of the Jinxiang County Bureau of Commerce.

In front of a holographic projection cabinet, the holographic imaging system is vividly showing the growth and management process of garlic. Mr. Wang introduced that the Jinxiang Garlic Science Experience Hall uses physical display, simulation model display, multimedia display, and high-tech interactive experience display to show the distribution and growth process of garlic, intensively processed products, medicinal value and literary value. A sales platform displays a variety of garlic products. Among them, black garlic is made from ordinary garlic after 90 days of special fermentation. It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body and has very good health functions.

In the big data center, big data of garlic planting area, warehousing, export, market garlic , agricultural product quality and safety, and one-two-three product networking real-time monitoring can be clear at a glance. Sensors and geographic information technology can also be used to monitor planting bases to achieve precision agricultural production and intelligent management.

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