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Henan Province: "Internet + Garlic" E-Commerce Model Promotes Sales


According to a member of a cooperative in Qixian County, more than 7,000 tons of garlic were harvested from 4,500 acres of garlic this year. Although the output has increased, China Garlic Price is low due to market conditions. Facing the severe market situation, the members of the cooperative moved west to Chengdu and south to Kunming, taking full advantage of the cooperative's large size and stable supply of goods to actively explore the market. The garlic in the hands of farmers can sell more than 30 tons a day through supermarkets, accounting for about 58% of the total sales.China garlic suppliers operate in good faith. Garlic consumers can buy garlic at ease.
More than 2,000 agricultural cooperatives in Qixian County have made various plans. In addition to connecting with supermarkets, they also used garlic slices, deep processing, cold storage and other methods to resolve "difficulties in selling at low prices" to ensure members' income.
The Qixian County Party Committee and the county government are actively creating a modern business model of 'Internet + garlic', developing e-commerce transactions, and continuously expanding the scale of online sales. Currently, more than 600 e-commerce companies in the county sell more than 100,000 orders and more than 350,000 kg per day.

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