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Linze Garlic Harvest


The garlic planted in Mingquan Village, Xinhua Town, Linze County, Gansu Province has gradually entered the harvest period. In the fields, the villagers are all busy. They are digging, picking, cutting, and loading, showing a good picture.

Quancun has more than 220 acres of garlic. The unique climate and soil conditions make the garlic grown here have large garlic heads, large garlic cloves, and spicy flavor. It is particularly popular with consumers and welcomed by the market. The local garlic farmers said " This year is another bumper harvest year, when the garlic head grows, the yield per mu is estimated to be 2800 kg to 3000 kg."

At present, Xinhua Town guides individual villages that are restricted by the conditions of the ground to determine the planting structure according to local conditions, moderately expand the planting area of economic crops such as stevia, small grains, onions, garlic, etc., and maximize the output benefits of the land.

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