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Cold Storage Garlic Enters the Centralized Export Delivery Period


This year's summer garlic production season has come to an end. Compared with previous years, this year's production season ended earlier. Looking back at the entire production season, in general, garlic exports performed well. Despite the frequent China Garlic Price fluctuations, the export volume has increased significantly compared with the previous season. There is a steady stream of purchase orders from overseas markets, and there was once a shortage of supply in the market.

"With the end of the summer garlic supply period, cold storage garlic has begun to be sold in large quantities. At present, there are still many customers who did not purchase enough in the early stage. The listing of cold storage garlic has better met the needs of these groups." Said in an interview with the FRESH PLAZA.

"At this stage, garlic inventory is still large, and the price of garlic in cold storage is not very high. From the amount of orders received, most overseas customers take into account the stability of Chinese garlic supply and the consistently good quality of the products. I think the current price is relatively reasonable, so the overall market is very smooth."

"I am very optimistic about the sales of cold storage garlic in the next period of time. In terms of quality, there is no difference in quality between cold storage garlic and summer fresh garlic, but after the dormant period, garlic must be stored in the warehouse to prevent Sprout. At the moment when the summer garlic production season is over, the launch of cold storage garlic can better maintain market supply."

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